AEM Wideband Gauge

Understanding what’s going on with your vehicle in real time can be extremely beneficial.   An AEM Wideband gauge is one of many gauges available that are able to do that. A Wideband gauge will allow you to accurately monitor the Air/Fuel ratio of your engine.  This data is extremely important when you have a

Mishimoto Catch Can

If theres something in the automotive industry that every enthusiast can benefit from, it would be a Mishimoto Catch Can.  Oil catch can’s have many beneficial features. The main benefit is the fact that they help capture oil from entering your intake tract.  If your looking to learn more in depth about what catch cans

Air Oil Separator vs. Catch Can

Whether your vehicle is new, used, modified, or stock it produces gas blow-by during the combustion process.  Gas blow-by is the build of oil vapor and contaminants that form in the intake system and throttle body. This buildup can damage the overall performance of your vehicle.  To prevent this you can either install an Air

PERRIN Sway Bars

PERRIN Performance manufactures and supplies the some of the finest products on the market today. They produce a full line of products ranging from aftermarket performance to suspension components. In this article we will be focusing on their performance sway bars. PERRIN sway bars will help increase your vehicles handling. Sway bars increase roll resistance


MagnaFlow is an iconic company in the automotive industry.  They have in business since 1981. MagnaFlow develops many products such as complete exhaust systems, catalytic converters, mufflers, and exhaust tips. Standing by this philosophy QUALITY MagnaFlow has a large commitment to quality.  All of their products are field-tested to meet the highest performance standards. All

Performance Sway Bar

The Department of Transportation published a study in 2015 that revealed 3 percent of automobile accidents in the study were caused by problems with steering, suspension, transmission, or engines. What you have under your hood and body matters. Often, the mechanical problems that cause accidents bring the most regret and grief since an owner could have

KOYORAD Radiator

Koyorad Radiator started off in 1956 as a radiator repair shop known as Ejiri Radiator.  Twelve years later in 1968, they assembled a radiator and oil cooler.  Once this happened they separated their production facility from their repair facility and began manufacturing radiators.  Two years later, in 1970, Ejiri Radiator was renamed Koyo Radiator Manufacturing. 

Performance Radiator

Radiators & Their Functions Before we discuss performance radiators, its important to understand how the radiator works. Your factory engine before any modifications produces high heat.  To prevent your engine from overheating, your car pumps coolant through the engine.  This fluid receives the heat and carries it away from the engine block.   The coolant takes

Hawk Performance

Hawk Brake Pads For more than 25 years Hawk Performance has been creating powerful and reliable brake pads for your vehicles. Many professional drivers choose Hawk Performance due to their high quality product. In fact, Hawk is the official brake product for motorsport organizations like the National Auto Sport Association, Ron Fellows Performance Driving School,